Is Jumping Rope Good for Fitness?

How-To-Jump-RopeWhen trying to make a decision on what type of physical exercise you need to do, it is important to stack up the benefits and weigh them against the potential draw backs. That way, you can be sure that you will get the most effective results for your time, effort and sweat.

For instance, swimming is a great form of physical exercise but it does not load your bones so won’t strengthen your skeleton, is only really effective if you know how to swim properly and is not all that pleasant in the winter. You may not even live near a pool…

Then there is running. Running is very accessible but it means that you either need to head out in all weathers, take your chances with the traffic or limit yourself to running on a treadmill which, unless you have one at home, means you will need to join a health club.

Cycling is another great physical exercise option but weather, traffic, having to purchase a bike and poor roads can make cycling for fitness a less than attractive proposition.

As excellent as running, swimming and cycling can be, there are some irrefutable drawbacks which mean they might not have what you are looking for from a brand new physical exercise routine.

As is often the case, the best solution is often the simplest and with regards to physical exercise, that means jumping rope. Also referred to as skipping, jumping rope is simple, effective and cheap. You can do it almost anywhere so in the event the weather is good you can head out into your garden and if it is poor, duck into your garage or commandeer the lounge and jump rope in front of the TV.

Cost-wise, jumping rope is difficult to beat; a good top quality jump rope will cost you no more than £20.00 and will last for many years. You don’t need £100 running shoes or other fancy equipment for jump rope; just some comfortable clothing and regular workout shoes and you’re away!

So long as you start slowly and build up gradually, speed jumping rope is very safe and unless you choose to skip in the middle of a street, there is very small chance of suffering some kind of vehicular accident – anything that cannot be said about running or cycling.

Jumping rope offers a lot of bang for your exercise buck and works just about each muscle in your body while strengthening your heart and lungs. As any doctor worth his salt will inform you; improved cardiovascular fitness is strongly linked to improved cardiovascular health so not only can jumping rope help you look great, you will really feel great too.

So, what is jumping rope good for? Just about each aspect of your health and fitness as well as your bank balance. It is not a question of why should you jump rope but more a question of why shouldn’t you?!


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