Skipping Rope Best for Losing Weight

What-is-Jumping-Rope-Good-ForA large percentage of the population is fat, unfit and unhealthy. Too little exercise and too much food are the main culprits with sedentary jobs and too much time in front of the TV or PC being almost as culpable. It’s clear then that a calorie controlled diet plan and more exercise are vital for weight reduction but what kind of exercise? Jump rope of course!

Jumping rope uses just about each muscle inside your body which means it is a very effective calorie burner. Your muscles have to work hard to support your body weight as you work out and with regards to burning calories, the much more muscle activity the better.

In addition to being a very effective calorie burner, jump rope also strengthens and conditions your heart and lungs which mean you feel fitter and will also be healthier. Almost every physician worth his white coat and stethoscope knows that cardiovascular fitness is strongly linked to cardiovascular health. Fitter people tend to have lower blood pressure, low resting heart rates, low stress levels, low cholesterol and are less susceptible to strokes and heart attacks. Not only can jumping rope help you look better, you will feel better as well!

Overweight people can be reticent about going to the gym. It is understandable really; fitness centers are where the fit and beautiful people hang out. Actually this is not even remotely true but it is sufficient of a reason for an unfit and overweight individual to steer clear of gyms.

Not going to a gym isn’t an excuse for being fat and unfit though; especially when you have a jump rope. You are able to work up quite a sweat inside your lounge, spare room, garden or garage with absolutely nothing more than your trusty speed rope. You do not require any expensive exercise equipment or fancy training clothes; just a pair of supportive shoes and also the willingness to work.

If you are new to exercise, very overweight or have any kind of medical condition please consult your physician before you start a new exercise regime. However, chances are, he’ll pat you on your back and send you on your way when you tell him you intend to lose weight and get fit.

Even with your doctor’s okay, make sure you start slow and build up gradually. Performing too much too soon is a great way to get injured so initially, exercise smart rather than hard. Build up the length and frequency of your workouts over the coming weeks and months and, that way, you will avoid injury and maintain making slow but steady progress; be patient!

Jumping rope is an outstanding, cost effective, handy and accessible approach to get fit and stay fit and if it is good enough for world champion boxers, you know it is good enough for you too.


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